“I am so thankful to all of you! My father’s health had declined: Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and a stroke. I made several calls to various agencies and called America’s Home Care. They asked me lots of questions, explained their services and also me to call other agencies and ask around. In other words, no pressure. They even told me the questions I should ask all agencies. I did my homework and finally got my family together and we decided to hire America’s Home Care. It was a peace of mind for my whole family. My father had 2 wonderful caregivers for over 3 yrs. He is now deceased but I always highly recommend them to any family/friends that are looking for a professional and compassionate team.”
Pat – Hancock Park, CA

“Thanks all of you.  You guys are my lifesaver and my first choice.  I have given your website to lots of people.”

Cathy Moore – Santa Monica CA

“I was so desperate!  My husband was being discharged and needed lots of help.  I called many other agencies and all they gave me was their rates but showed interest in my husband’s health issues or what we were looking for.  I called America’s Home Care and spoke to Donna.  She immediately asked me everything about my husband such as his height, weight, health issues; whether we had pets and so many more questions I can’t list them all.  She made me feel very comfortable and also told me to call around to other agencies before deciding.   After calling around I called Donna back, and on the day he was released, we had a wonderful lady beside us, who volunteered to drive us home because I was feeling overwhelmed.  My husband is now in great health all because they helped him get back on his feet.  I can’t say enough!”

Sarah Greenberger – Malibu CA

“Our family wanted to thank you all for the caring, compassionate and love you gave to my dad, so effortlessly. We know that he was very well taken care of and in very good hands. Dorothy gave my father a bed bath, cleaned him, dressed him, combed his hair and shaved him everyday for 8 months until he passed away.  Jo and Donna were there anytime I needed anything or even just to talk.  Dad called them his “Angels”, and they were my angels too.  Thank you all so much ladies!”
The Brad Family – Victorville CA

“You’ve given our family a wonderful gift – the gift of knowing that mom is being cared for by someone with a genuinely warm and understanding heart…. Thank you so much for making such a difference in our lives.  We don’t know what we we’d do without you.”
MacTaggart Family – Lancaster CA

“I cannot tell you how impressed I am for your prompt response and professionalism.  You have me the confidence to go for my vacation.  I was very stressed at that moment and Donna reassured me that everything was going to be fine.  I was briefed everyday I called about my mom’s health and my vacation was great! I will never have to worry about my vacations again because my help is just a phone call away.  Love you all   God Bless”

Michelle Baker – Palmdale CA

“Thank you all for helping me with my mother.  You guys made everything so smooth and easy.  I just want you to know how much you are appreciated.”
Shannon – Tehachapi CA

“After making a lot of calls, I found America’s Home Care which was right in my town.  They have been taking care of my husband for over 4 years, who unfortunately suffers from Lou Gering Disease.  They make things so easy….I love my girls!  I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend this company if you ever need this type of help.”

Irene E – Quartz Hill CA

“Thank you all for your help with my dad in his last days.  The team was very professional and the caregivers were the best.  Jo said compassion is a gift and can’t be bought, and those girls were a GIFT!  Highly recommended!”
Gregg – Beverly Hills CA

“I have to write this letter in appreciation to everyone I came in contact with at America’s Home Care!  From the first phone call I made looking for service, for the next 2 years, all the way until my mother passed away, we were treated with nothing but respect!  The care Mom got was nothing less than extraordinary!  Better than in the hospital.  Her 2 caregivers went so far out of the way to help me and my brothers and sisters during this stressful time.  They cooked and cleaned, all the while taking A++++ care of Mom.  When mom passed at 3am we were waiting for the mortuary to come pick her up, but not before the ladies from the office showed up (at 3am!!!) to help our caregiver clean, dress and prepare my mother for her final ride.  I could not believe it!  They said, and I quote, “No client of ours will leave until they are clean, dressed, and hair brushed, ever”  I had no idea this type of homecare was still available today!  Thank you again for all those who helped, we could not have gotten through this without you!”

Miles Family – Lancaster CA


“I know my story is long, but it is so worth telling! I am a mother of 2 sons (3& 7) and my 3 yr old was born with some serious health problems.  After some time I realized I might need a little outside help.  My husband, who travels a lot, suggested we hire a home care agency to give me a hand.  I called 4-5 agencies and thought that I would save some money by hiring the one that was ONE-DOLLAR an hour cheaper.  Now that was a mistake!  From the first day when the caregiver was 45 minutes late and no one answered the office phone, all the way to being left alone with both boys in the ER on a Saturday when my older son fell off his bike, I was completely disappointed.  I got a call that morning stating the normal caregiver wasn’t going to come (car problems I think) but they would try to get someone else to fill in.  I explained I had to take my other son to the ER and to please find someone to meet me at the ER.  4 hours later, someone finally called back, only to say no one would come on such short notice, especially on a Saturday. As I cried in frustration the woman who had been sitting next to me over heard my situation. I explained about this home care agency that was giving me more headache than help and then she gave me the number of America’s Home Care and said to call them right then and there.  They have been taking care of her mom for 4 years now and she couldn’t be happier with them.  I was so sure no one would help me on such short notice, but I was in a bind and willing to try anything so I called.  They had an answering service who put me straight through to someone who was on-call that weekend.  I explained the urgency of my situation, being in the ER for my oldest son, while my youngest son was in need of going home for his meds and breathing treatment.  With in 40 minutes, Sandi was at the ER, had the paperwork ready and stated she will sit with me until my oldest was out of ER and then Dorothy will meet us at my house to give any further help we might need. I wasn’t sure this was for real, then I saw Sandi talking to the lady who gave me their number and she was asking if she wanted anyone to come sit with her while her mom was being cared for.  After a phone call and 30 more minutes, her normal caregiver was there offering comfort and support.  On a Saturday!!  After seeing the rigorous background checks done on their workers, I hired them on the spot.  And true to her word, when Sandi drove me and my boys back home, there was Dorothy, who would turn out to be my angel!  Between Sandi, Dorothy, Gloria, Donna, Tino, and Jo, I could not have asked for better care!  I cannot believe I thought I would be better off paying $1.00 less!  I should have called America’s Home Care first, paid the dollar extra and saved myself the headache.”

“We had to move because of my husbands work, and I miss those girls almost as much as my boys do! ”
Cindy Strauss – Quartz Hill, CA

“You have been a wonderful support for both mom, me and our family”
Lynn Tyhanic Harrison, Lancaster

“Your kindness and love was well appreciated.”

Dia Wolf, Palmdale

“The quality gap between America’s Home Care service and other agencies was as wide as the Grand Canyon.”
Valerie Moorhouse, Palmdale

“Thank all of you for standing by my side. You guys are a wonderful team.”
Adam Howard, Los Angeles

“America’s Home Care initially helped me take care of my son after he became paralyzed in a car accident. They made my initial concerns about leaving him in somebody else’s hands disappear as their nurse assistant with 15 years experience was excellent. My son said he was in good hands. If we need some breaks today, America’s Home Care provides us with peace of mind.”
Elizabeth Nielsen, Apple Valley

“Thanks for all you did for my dad.”
Bettie Dunning & Family, Palmdale

“The nurses who took care of my mother are excellent and very professional. I can’t ask for a better team. Congratulations to America’s Home Care for helping me in the time of my struggles.”
Nancy O’Neal, Palmdale

“I was very frustrated by other agencies answers to my questions or their lack of questions about my husband’s health. Thank goodness America’s Home Care asked so many important questions to help me with my concerns. America’s Home Care Nurse Supervisor and staff gave me much comfort and support until my husband passed away. Thank you for the help in that most difficult time for us.”
Lillian Steinberg, Burbank

“What a Godsend! She also trimmed my husband’s hair. Great for his ego. She bathes him, prepares his lunch and picks up his supplies.”
Betty King, Lancaster

“All of the America’s Home Care employees were properly supervised, very capable, well trained, polite, and acted like true professionals at all times. This agency would be my first choice for any type of home care. Thank you for helping my wife in the last days of her life.”
Raymond L. Jones, Colonel, USAF (Retired)

“I made several calls to many agencies. I found America’s Home Care. I told them my situation of my husband’s health and that he would be discharged from the hospital on Saturday. Jo and Valentino promised me that someone would be at my house to help me. Since then I’ve had two Nurses Assistants for 8 months. They are well trained and very professional. I am very grateful for America’s Home Care. They were life savers. Valentino was my Angel.” Sharon Borja, Lancaster

“America’s Home Care employees were very compassionate and qualified in helping us during my mother’s last days. I would wholeheartedly recommend them.”
Susan Stein, Bel Air

“The nurse who took care of my father was well supervised and provided the care we appreciated. Thanks America’s Home Care for what you gave us.”
Barbara Peterson, Santa Monica