Senior Care Victorville CA

If you are in the Victorville, CA area and are struggling to care for a loved one suffering from advanced age and or ill health –that is often compounded by confusion and apathy– we understand your challenges. Depression among seniors and those with debilitating health conditions can be accompanied by a lack of personal hygiene, not taking medication or paying bills, and poor nutrition. Let us help.

Our senior care services

America’s Homecare allows our clients to remain where they are most comfortable, while providing the necessary care. Opt for a few hours of service a week, a Live-in caregiver and homemaker, or any level in between, depending on the level of elderly care or injured person assistance your loved one requires.

Our staff can escort, run errands, remind you or your loved one of appointments and even provide telephone reassurance in difficult moments. For hospital stays, the caregiver becomes a companion, ensuring the person in the hospital does not feel isolated. If your loved one who is hospitalized is at the last stages of an incurable illness, our hospice care professionals are especially mindful to preserve the confidentiality, self-esteem and respect upon which America’s Homecare clients rely.

What sets our caregivers apart?

Elderly care gives our clients the same standard of help rendered by a loving family member. Our employees are experienced and trained to simulate the care you have already been giving. We are aware that elderly care can be overwhelming when coupled with other family responsibilities and duties. That is why our professionals are here for you, and for your loved one.

America’s Homecare screens all staff with rigorous background checks and professional examinations. We make sure our staff are model home caregivers and we provide regular instruction to make sure they stay up to date on state and federal regulations.

Help is only a phone call away. Please email us and or call 800–497–5255 to speak to a senior care coordinator. Our helpful staff will ask you the questions that help both us and you to determine what level of aid is best for the client. We can have a caregiver at the home within 24 hours.