Homecare Lancaster CA

If you live in Lancaster, CA and have been providing care for an injured, disabled or aging family member, America’s Homecare is available to assist. Being a caregiver can easily become a full-time job, emotionally and physically. While such care is difficult for non-professionals, it can be harder to unload the bulk of the work and entrust a stranger with the in-home care of your loved one. This is why America’s Homecare provides you with the peace of mind that your loved one will be professionally taken care of –and also cared for.

The care of seniors and the disabled requires tact and delicacy. To maintain a client’s comfort, dignity, and relative independence, a care plan is customized at the outset. During this time we will ask you specific questions so you can tell us about the specific needs of your loved one. Family members are interviewed, and if possible, the client is as well. Only then is an appropriate caregiver assigned –one who is suitable to the necessary support level of the client.

Every caregiver undergoes an extensive screening process before being allowed in the home, including a detailed criminal background and fingerprint check. Furthermore, all of our homecare providers go through an extensive training process that is designed to ensure that our clients always receive the highest quality care. America’s Homecare does not take chances. Each caregiver is also fully tested, regularly briefed on changes in state and federal regulations, and receives ongoing updates to relevant training.

Although professionals, our caregivers often become like family members. Unlike similar services, America’s Homecare welcomes as much input and participation as you choose to give. Yours and the client’s wishes are never disregarded. Respect can be said to form our foundation and it is the basis for our compassionate care.

If you are ready to place your family member into the loving hands of an America’s Homecare professional, email or call us today at 800–497–5255 to speak with a homecare coordinator who will inform you of the variety of services we offer and address any concerns you may have. Although there is no pressure on you to decide right away, a caregiver can be available in the home within 24 hours, if necessary. We are fully committed to providing all of our clients with the highest quality care.