Home Care For The Elderly

If you have elderly family members in Los Angeles who are in need of assistance but do not want to lose their independence, home care may be the answer. At America’s Home Care, we are devoted to providing the kind of faithful care that usually only comes from family members. In fact, we like to believe that the care we provide makes us one of the family.

Whether an elderly person is challenged by age-related or illness-related factors, we have the resources to make his or her life easier. We employ certified home care workers in the greater Los Angeles area who can live with your loved one full-time. If your elderly loved one requires only part-time or occasional care, you can determine how often you need assistance. We also provide hospice care and hospital sitting services for those times when illness or injury become overwhelming.

Alleviating Concerns about Home Care for the Elderly in Los Angeles

Deciding on whether or not to begin a home care program is difficult enough without considering all of the potential concerns that accompany it. At America’s Home Care, we understand those worries and do everything we can to make sure that you are comfortable with the services we provide for the Los Angeles area.

In terms of payment, we accept private and worker’s compensation insurance, as well as financing options. Our staff are highly trained and qualified, and undergo a rigorous screening process that includes first aid training, background checks and health screening. We understand your concerns and invite you to fill out our online form so that we can make sure your concerns are addressed.