Finding quality homecare services for elderly, sick, injured, handicapped, or incurably unwell people can be a challenge. It can also be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Please use this site as an introduction to our company and services. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our clients by providing excellent homecare services to an aging or medically challenged population within their own homes that can assist such people in maintaining their self-esteem, their family relationships, and potentially avoid or delay their placement in an outside care facility.

We provide quality care in the comfort of your home. America’s Home Care, specializes in all phases of private duty homecare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Our well-trained staff is committed to providing the very best care possible. We are able to retain some of home health and/or homecare’s finest and reliable caregivers. They are very experienced and knowledgeable in their field.

In order to guarantee the quality and reassurance our caregivers will provide, we do finger prints and detailed background checks.

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The first step is deciding what kind of help your loved ones need. Do they need personal care? Help cleaning their home? Errands like shopping and doctor appointments, etc? Are there friends and family members that can help? During the first step, you may also need to convince your family members that they need help.


Some questions you need to ask. 

There are a number of wonderful resources on the internet to help you get informed about home care services as well as assisting you in making the best decision for the situation at hand.

– Our senior population continues to grow with many reaching an old age. At a certain point however, some of them need help with the activities of the daily living.


Warning signs that help may be necessary are:

– Confusion, depression, apathy and forgetfulness

– Disorientation to time and place

– Mobility problems, inability to transfer safely

– Wandering and falling

– Lack of personal hygiene, incontinence

– Dehydration, poor nutrition

– Not taking medications and not paying bills

Homecare is then very often the first choice as families prefer to keep their parents or loved ones at home resulting in less emotional distress. This help with daily activities could be provided through a family member, or if not, as it is needed, through a professional medical and/or non-medical in-homecare provider. Our caregivers give our clients professional care, companionship and a one-on-one human contact to reduce isolation and loneliness.  

There is a larger gap between quality homecare services and others facilities. Staying in your own home, getting the proper care that you need, is the desire of almost every individual, particularly elderly people. We all want to stay around in our own surroundings being with family, friends, and pets. All clients want to become healthier and make fewer visits to medical doctor offices, hospitals and nursing homes. They want their caregivers to take care of them, whether hourly or live-in. You can usually get the best help when you are in your most comfortable place, “Your Own Home” compare with others facilities. Those other facilities can be costly. For example, Assisted Living Facilities (approximately, as an example, 50 to 100 residents) – can cost $ 3,900 to $ 12.000 monthly; Board & Care Homes (approximately, as an example, 6 to 15 residents) – can cost $ 3000 to $6,000 monthly; and Alzheimer’s/Dementia Facilities (approximately, as an example, 6 to 100+ residents) – can cost $ 3,000 to $8,000 monthly.